Now you know Bosslady love the kids!

How about that one time I popped up on a listener for her 16th birthday!

Today was nothing short of amazing for myself and a student at Copperas Cove High school.

So get this, about a month ago Taeja's mom had reached out to me via social media asking if I was available to host her sweet sixteen birthday party. I was so bummed out because I was throwing my grandmother an 88th birthday party the same day.

To make it up to her I went up to Copperas Cove High with flowers, balloons, and food today. We finally met and had a chance to kick it during third-hour lunch. I met some of her friends and had the opportunity to hear about her passion for fashion.

Check out some of the footage below.

Happy Birthday Taeja! Remember to continue being yourself because nobody can do you better.

Ain't no getting us this year sucka!

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