So sometimes the truth just hurts, huh? lol... surveyed people from around the country, the people from Texas confirmed something we may have known already, that when the holidays come around, we turn up the drinking!

Other information collected from those surveyed included a third saying they have gifted people liquor for Christmas, (liquor is always the perfect gift ) that half of those included said it's a family tradition to drink for the holidays (what a great excuse), and this made me chuckle: a quarter of those people surveyed said they spike their morning coffee with alcohol during the holidays! (how many of you do it even when it's not the holiday season?)

Texas residents admitted to drinking 4 days in a row over the Christmas Holidays, compared to states like West Virginia, Hawaii, and New Hampshire and our neighbors in Louisiana, who only drink for 2 days (they make up their drinking during the year), we don't look so good.

There are a few other states that beat us though!

Like Washington and Colorado...

So there!

At least we're not Washington or Colorado right?

These people drink 6 days straight!


Have some decency, ya drunks!


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