It’s that wonderful time of the year when all the local watering holes around your home town will bust out the green food coloring and start making their traditional St. Patrick’s Day Green Beer.  If this isn’t your ‘flavor’, or perhaps you don’t want to stain your bathroom carpet green after a long night out, then there are other options of alcoholic beverages to help you celebrate this Irish holiday.

Guinness:  Kick the fake green beer to the curb and order up a real Irish beverage!  Guinness was introduced in 1759 and has been fueling the Irish ever since.

Irish Cider:  If you happen to not be a big beer fan, then you can always go the alternative route of ordering up an Irish Cider.  Crisp and refreshing, not to mention the fact that it has a higher alcohol content than normal beer, you can order up a Magners Original Irish Cider in most Irish Pubs.

Irish Car Bomb:  Probably the most iconic St. Patrick’s Day Drink of modern day, this is a favorite to get the night going strong.  To make this drink you just need to pour a little Irish cream into a shot glass and then top it off with some Irish whiskey.  Drop this shot glass into a glass of Guinness (after you take a big drink to avoid overflow) and then chug the entire mix as fast as possible watching out for the shot glass barreling towards your face.

Irish Coffee:  This could quite possibly be the best drink to start off your St. Patrick’s Day, or perhaps help you start recovering the following morning.  Just add a little Irish whiskey to your hot coffee and top it with whipped cream.

Hopefully this helps you enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day just a little more.


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