B106 Hip Hop and R&b Presents the Boss Project-

Just in Time for the holidays- Join Bosslady from BossLADY Radio everyday in the
month Of November, as she commits 25 acts of kindness.
Watch her at myb106.com these acts include:
Feeding A Homeless Person, Offering hugs to a stranger, paying for someone’s
meal, even paying $10 towards gas in someone’s tank……

But we ask, as she is doing these acts of kindness…..you do them as well….
And record yourself so we know its real!

We need you to upload to all of our social media your 25 random acts of kindness
@myb106 on facebook and @myb106 on instagram and @myb106tweets on
twitter with hashtag #bossproject.

After your 25 acts are done on November 20th
we’ll be having The Boss Project wrapup Brunch at Club Fuego…..

Tickets can be purchased for $15 between the hours of 8am and 4pm at the B106 studios located at 608 Moody Lane in Temple, Partial proceeds will go to The Children’s
Advocacy center of Central Texas.

We’ll also create a video collage and post them on our website at myb106.com
25 acts of kindness for the holidays brought to you by B106 Hip Hop And R&B!