Are you on the verge of being evicted due to non-payment of rent?

At the end of July it was announced that the eviction moratorium had been lifted and many CTX residents were facing eviction. With over millions of dollars in rental assistance available for use experts were encouraging renters to call Texas Rent Relief for assistance.

In the matter of a few days things have changed just that fast. The Center of Disease Control has now put a new eviction moratorium in place that will run through Oct 3rd. With the Biden Administration receiving a ton of pressure to reinstate the eviction moratorium after it ended in July people all over are now feeling a sense of relief.

The new eviction moratorium applies to counties who are experiencing high levels of COVID-19 transmission. The extra time will allow residents to sign up and receive health.

According to KXXV, In addition to the extension the White House has released new initiatives to help keep people in their homes. To check out more details on how to get your debit paid click here. 


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