Lately, I've been thinking about getting my first tattoo.

Why have I waited this long? Well, two reasons. First, because a tattoo is a lifelong investment in a piece of art that, IMO, should have deep significance to you. Second, because I want to be sure the artist knows what they're doing and has a history of great work.

A co-worker recommend I look at The Red Lotus Tattoo Studio in Killeen. I have to say, their work speaks for itself. Just browsing through their Facebook, I can see artists Nick, Dwayne, Tony, and Pete have serious skills, and there are glowing reviews from satisfied customers.

I gotta say, I got a chuckle out of this Baby Yoda piece they recently did. The artwork is fantastic, and really captures the little guy's expression.

The Red Lotus Tattoo Studio does black and grey work, traditional, realism, and sleeves. They also do piercings, so if you're in the market for your next (or, like me, first) tattoo or a quality piercing, make an appointment and check out what they have to offer. You can get in touch at (254) 432-7294. Check out more of their work on their Facebook page, too.

If you're in the military, mention the B106 radio ads to get a discount.

So, what am I thinking of getting?

I'm an anime nerd, and Princess Mononoke is one of my all-time favorite movies. Easily in my top 5. I'm thinking of getting a tat of San wiping blood from her mouth after helping her wolf mother, Moro, in battle.

Studio Ghibli via YouTube
Studio Ghibli via YouTube

The movie, the character, and that scene have deeply personal meaning to me. Plus it would just look cool. (At least, I think it would.)

Judging by the quality of that Baby Yoda, it's obvious the artists at The Red Lotus Tattoo Studio can do a character justice.

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