The Measles outbreak has made it's way to the CenTex.

Today it has been confirmed that a child in Bell County has tested positive for the infection. According to KDH News the child was too young to have been vaccinated.

Seven Measles cases have been confirmed in Texas this year and this time it's very close to home so below I have provided a few tips you should know!

1) Measles are highly contagious and if your not vaccinated 9 times out of 10 you can become infected.

2) Measles are very dangerous and can be worse for young children and babies.

3) Symptoms usually appear 14 days after becoming infected.

4) If you have been infected before you can not get measles again.

5) Symptoms of measles usually include a high fever, flat red rashes, runny nose, red bumps, sore throat and runny eyes.

If you believe you may be experiencing a case of measles please head to the ER and stay away from friends and families.



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