The Associated Press reported that a man has plead guilty to charges that may cause you to raise your brow after you hear this one.

Michael Middleton has plead guilty to a charge of bigamy after accusations of him having four wives were proven to be true. Yes, four wives, that wasn't a typo I promise.

Middleton plead guilty to the charge of bigamy in New Hampshire, after authorities discovered that he had married four different women from four different states 2006 to 2016. The women Middleton eloped with were from Georgia, Alabama, New Hampshire, and Kentucky.

On Monday, a prosecutor read aloud a statement from the New Hampshire victim, Alicia Grant. Grant said she thought she was getting a life partner with Middleton, but instead has gone through six years of misery and pain.

Middleton didn't say anything at the hearing, but said that he felt compassion and understanding where she was coming from. Middleton will avoid jail time, as long as he is on the straight and narrow for the next five years. He was given a 12 month suspended sentence for his bigamy charge.

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