After constant back and forth emails and me just being picky (lol) we were able to

come up with (in my opinion) a pretty sexy truck layout.


Key word being SEXY here.


When you see me driving, honk your horn I may give you a T- shirt.

(While supplies last!)

And not because you honked your horn, because I want you to admire the new B106 Wrap longer, so I will stall and pretend as if I am looking for a shirt, (as you marvel at its sexiness), but really I won't be.


You will be so mesmerized by how sexy our new Wrap is, you'll forget about the t-shirt and go along with your day. (ya see, it's a strategy)




Shout outs to Blake and the fine folks over at The Wrap Professor for hooking up the

B106 truck! 


Ain't She Sexy?!