Viynl records are making a huge comeback, as they've outsold CD's for the first time since the 80's.

I'll admit that in the 80's, I was hesitant to get my first CD player. I was still listening to music on viynl and cassettes. In fact, I was even hesitant to get my first cassette player because I didn't want to lose the the feeling I got when I put on a record.

I loved having album covers all over the floor of my room. Nothing said Rock & Roll more than all my KISS albums spread out on the floor.

Eventually I gave in to cassettes and then CD's, and nowadays it's just digital downloads into my iTunes account. Maybe it's time to bust out the ol' record player, as vinyl is starting to make a comeback.

Reissues have certainly helped the resurgence of vinyl, as have current artists releasing new music on record.

CNN reports that vinyl records sales have accounted for $231.1 million of music sales during the first six months 2020. CDs have accounted for $129.9 million. That’s the first time in forever that’s happened.

So let’s celebrate! Bust out your old KISS albums and fire up the turntable, grab an ice coldie from the fridge and spin the ol’ stax of wax!

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