Just in case you didn't know, I might be Texas' biggest cheerleader.  I love writing about Texas and I especially love to write about my hometown.  A couple of months ago, I compiled a list of the Texas towns that people mispronounce, mostly outsiders. Let me remind you of how this list came to be.

The first time I said REF-FURY-O in front of my wife, she laughed and said, "That is NOT how you say it!" She then pronounced it with that 'Mexican' accent and it made me think.  I looked at the word again and realized that there is no second 'R' in Refugio, but many of us just add it in.  The correct pronunciation is REF-FEW-GEE-O.  It sounds funny in English and perfect in Spanish. Just in case you haven't seen the list, click here.

 As I was browsing the net, I saw a TikTok video mentioning some funny soundingTexas names, so I started to look at the map of our great state.  Apparently, we have a town named, Karen Texas.  I am just trying to imagine what an all-Karen town would be like LOL.  We can't leave out Cheapside.  Although I have never been there, I know it exists because of the sign we see on the way to Gonzales or Austin.  Check out this list of funny Texas town names.


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