Come on!

What is wrong with people?!

Every year on Halloween, droves of children all over the United States go door to door in their neighborhoods in hopes of receiving sweet treats for this fun holiday for kids. We're all on board with this, right?

Well, someone apparently wasn't.

Imagine you and your children walking with other kids throughout your neighborhood, and a deranged woman with a gun tells you to leave her property.

Reportedly, 35-year-old Monica Bradford did that and needs several hugs.

Monica Bradford - Hays County Jail Photo
Monica Bradford - Hays County Jail Photo

According to FOX 26, trick-or-treaters were walking in front of her property in Buda, Texas when she decided to point her gun at a 7-year-old, telling them all to leave her property.

That is what was told to authorities after they arrested Bradford, who was then charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. That just so happens to be a second-degree felony in the state of Texas.

How This Could Have Been Prevented 

There are other ways to prevent kids from not coming to your house for Halloween:

1) Do what I've done in the past when I didn't have any candy - turn your lights off and just don't answer the door!

2) Have a sign posted saying NO CANDY.

3) Or just answer the door, ask them nicely to leave your property, and tell them you don’t have any candy.

See there? Nobody got hurt, no guns were drawn, and the kids went to the next house.

Because Ms.Bradford doesn't know when the best time is to draw a gun, she’s now being held on a $10,000 cash bond.

If anybody in the Buda areas happens to be reading this and has any further information about what happened, please contact JD Baker at 512-393-7814.

This is another prime example of why not everyone should own a gun.

Again I ask, what is wrong with people?

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