The support for small business owners here in the Killeen/Harker Heights area is immaculate. There's an unwritten code under which we make sure we take care of them and let them know as often as possible how appreciated they are. We may live close to a major military base, but we still think of ourselves as a small town. That's why I wasn't surprised to see people rally in defense of a local business owner this week.

Courtesy of Tillie Marie
Courtesy of Tillie Marie

Central Texas Has Got Your Back, Tillie Marie's

Tillie Marie's is a well-known soul food kitchen and catering service in Harker Heights that, in my opinion, makes some of the best fried fish and salad you will ever have in your life.

It seemed that there was a disagreement with a customer who had objections to her order. From my understanding, the young lady ordered one of  Tillie Marie’s famous salads with no onions and wanted croutons instead.

When she was charged 60¢ for the substitution, she wasn't happy about it and took to social media to complain, and it got nasty. (I would post screencaps, but it happened in a private Facebook group and I don't want to violate anyone's privacy.)


That's when loyal customers stepped up to defend their beloved eatery.

Courtesy of Tillie Marie
Courtesy of Tillie Marie
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Courtesy of Tillies Maries
Courtesy of Tillies Maries

There's No Reason to Get Mean

In my opinion, this was a misunderstanding that could have possibly been handled maybe a different way. But no matter: Central Texas definitely disagreed with the young lady and definitely made themselves heard in the responses.

Meanwhile, Tillie kindly explained that if this was one of our favorite chain restaurants -  let’s say, for example, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or even Chick-fil-A - you'd be charged for certain substitutions.

I thought her response was professional and polite. So did fans of Tillie Marie's, who took to social media Thursday to show themselves buying salads for lunch in support of this fine local establishment.

Tillie Marie knew even though this was an unfortunate event, it not going to cause a disruption or negativity in her restaurant, and she was going to continue the mission: making sure Central Texas enjoyed good home cooking

Ms. Tillie, thank you for keeping our bellies full of great food, and thanks to the people of Central Texas for rallying behind her.

Celebrating Tillie Marie's 3 Year anniversary in Central Texas

Today we celebrate the 3 year anniversary of Tillie Marie's. Let's take a look at some of her signature dishes

Steve Harvey Put Smiles On These Killeen Faces For Thanksgiving

Every year since the Steve Harvey Morning Show has been on MYKISS 1031, he and his show have teamed up with Walmart to donate turkeys to listeners here in the Killeen area.

In the past, we've donated turkeys on behalf of Steve and the crew to Operation Phantom Support, Communities in Schools, and The Bell County Child Welfare Board.

This year we did it differently and gave the entire public a chance to enter to win a FREE Thanksgiving Turkey courtesy of The Steve Harvey Morning Show and Walmart.

And boy did you take advantage of the opportunity!

We would like to thank you for entering and we hope your Thanksgiving was a great one!

Here are a bunch of smiling faces that were blessed with juicy birds for the holiday, compliments of the Steve Harvey Morning Show, Walmart, and MYKISS1031!

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