In honor of their performance last night at the VMAs I have put together my top five favorite *NSYNC songs of all time.  I think they practiced their dancing a little more than their singing last night...  Did you see the video?  If not then here is their performance from last night.

Now down to the brass tacks.  Here is my number 5 top *NSYNC song of all time.

#5 - "This I Promise You" : If you were married in 2000 or shortly after then this was probably your wedding song.  An older *NSYNC song that was released with an awesome video where all of the guys are sporting some pretty cool turtleneck sweaters.  What more could you ask for!

#4 - "Gone" : This was the first single that *NSYNC released that really featured Justin Timberlake as the main focus of the group.  You get a taste of his unique musical taste and R&B ability.  This song has nursed more broken hearts that all the chocolate ice cream in the state of Texas.  Gone is a great song, but also the point in Justin Timberlake's career that he said goodbye to the curly blond hair as well.

#3 - "I Want You Back" : Dance themed music video that was one of the first for *NSYNC.  Its pretty funny to see the guys back when they first broke out...  Still... Great song!

#2 - "Girlfriend" : Justin Timberlake grew his little goatee and the whole group danced on classic cars sporting knitted hats.  What more could you want out of a music video...  Another *NSYNC classic.

And now it is time for the NUMBER ONE *NSYNC song of all time.  You already know it and probably even know some of the dance for it.  One of the best songs to ever come out of the 2000s.

#1 - "Bye Bye Bye" : I refuse to believe that if you are anywhere close to my age that you don't agree with this being the number one *NSYNC song of all time.  How can you listen to this and not want to break it down like James Brown!  Enjoy...

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