You know those car commercials with the guy who has the funny voice (No not me lol) who is always in a bind? That's Travis Mcleod - 'The Car Dealer For The People'.


Saturday I was at Mcleod Auto Sales hanging out (eating most of the time)

By the way I ended up taking my shirt off.



Then Travis told me to put it back on and that I was scaring the customers.


That hurt......Moving on...


I met Sabrina Hebert, who is the manager of The Business Development Center at Mcleod Auto Sales she made sure I ate good!


Mcleod Auto Sales has been at the same location at 1601 E. Rancier in Killeen for the past 15 years, when you think you have no chance at getting a car, they help you out!


There are 100 cars to choose from on the lot 2010's and up, ranging from Diesel trucks, gas trucks, and performance cars.


They even have their own Service Department!


Sabrina says they have great quality service at amazing deals!


Check them out, Mcleod Auto Sales located at 1601 E. Rancier in Killeen!