A bizarre medical call escalated into a man crashing his truck into an ambulance, then leading police on a chase in Killeen Wednesday afternoon.

KWTX's Sam DeLeon reports that police and emergency medical workers responded to the 700 block of North Twin Creek Drive after a man reported having inhaled an unknown substance. When paramedics arrived, the man reportedly declined treatment and refused to exit his vehicle.

The man then rammed his truck into an an ambulance twice before speeding off. Police stopped him in the 3300 block of Rancier Avenue, but he again refused to leave his vehicle and sped away.

The crash ended when the suspect lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a fence near Peebles Elementary School in the 1800 block of South W.S. Young. The driver again refused to exit the vehicle, but police were able to remove him and take him into custody.

No injuries were reported. Police blocked off traffic near the school for a short time as a precaution.

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