Things went from zero to 100 real quick for Tyga at Floyd Mayweather's birthday party on Saturday night (Feb. 23), resulting in the rapper being violently removed from the venue and reaching for a gun afterward.

Tyga and crew were at the Sunset Room in Hollywood, Calif. for Floyd's 42nd birthday soiree. TMZ obtained video of the incident, which shows T-Raww posted up against a wall when a man walks up to him and they start arguing. Tyga is then grabbed up by his collar by someone who presumably works security for the club. He is then violently dragged off of the premises while in a headlock as he resists his removal.

"Alright bro, chill out," he yells after being deposited on the sidewalk. "Y'all doing too much, bro."

Tyga is then seen talking with a man who appears to be his security guard. In the video, Tyga reaches in the man's pocket and tries to remove his firearm. The man does not let the rapper have the weapon, though he makes numerous attempts. Tyga eventually cools off and gets in his vehicle. It is unclear what started the dust-up.

After enjoying a comeback year to be envied in 2018, so far, the new year hasn't been as great. Last month, Tyga was hit with a lawsuit for allegedly stealing the track "Swap Meet" from a songwriter.

Check out video of the wild encounter below.

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