With the country still plagued with covid-19, and the shutdowns that have followed, lots of people are losing their jobs due to businesses shutting down, or budget reductions. WalletHub has compiled a list of the states with the biggest increases in unemployment rates to see which areas have been affected most by the virus's effect on jobs.

WalletHub compared the 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, and used 3 key factors to get their results, such as the change in state's unemployment during April 2020, then comparing that to April 2019, as well as January 2020.


Most AffectedLeast Affected
1. Nevada42. Alaska
2. Hawaii43. Arkansas
3. Michigan44. Missouri
4. Vermont45. Maryland
5. New Hampshire46. New Mexico
6. Indiana47. Nebraska
7. Rhode Island48. District of Columbia
8. Massachusetts49. Wyoming
9. New Jersey50. Minnesota
10. Ohio51. Connecticut


Texas is not in the top 10 most or least affected states, but instead finds itself in position 28, with 13% unemployment last April, a 304% increase since last year, and a 216% increase since January of 2020.

WalletHub also included some Q&A in the article. When asked if this pandemic will be as bad for jobs as the Great Depression was, they said that it will not, as job losses now tend to be more temporary, with most workers eventually being rehired. They were also asked which states had the largest and smallest changes since the beginning of the year. Hawaii was the largest with a 666% change, and Connecticut has seen the smallest with a 65% increase.

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