Some of these laws might seem ridiculous, but some of them make sense if you think about it.

For instance, it's against the law to milk someone else's cow. Now If the cow belongs to you, someone stealing your milk might be a serious concern.

Remember the Mattress Tag Law?

If you cut off your mattress tag - the one with the warning, 'Under penalty of law, this tag not to be removed' - there actually isn't a penalty, as long as the mattress belongs to you.

There's a reason the tag also says 'except by consumer' on the bottom of it.

According to, this warning actually applies to companies making and selling mattresses specifically, the last ones to handle the product before it gets to you, the customer.

The actual federal regulation states that it’s unlawful to:

“…remove or mutilate, or cause or participate in the removal or mutilation of, prior to the time any textile fiber product is sold and delivered to the ultimate consumer, any stamp, tag, label, or other identification required by this subchapter to be affixed to such textile fiber product, and any person violating this section shall be guilty of an unfair method of competition, and an unfair or deceptive act or practice, under the Federal Trade Commission Act.”

Other Strange Texas Laws

From, here's some more creative ways to break the law:

  • It is illegal to commit a crime without giving a 24-hour notice. An anti-crime law in Texas requires criminals to give an oral or written 24-hour advance notice to their victims before committing crimes.
  • It is illegal to drink more than three sips of beer while standing.
  • In Houston, it's illegal to buy or sell Limburger cheese on Sunday. Better stock up on cheese earlier in the week!

Let's take a look at some more unusual laws in Texas. Keep scrolling!

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