I keep an intentional ear to the music and artists that are coming from Killeen and looking to make a bigger name for themselves than Central Texas stardom. I've seen many groups, cliques and labels come and go, but there has been a new label that has caught my attention. That label is Union Records.

used with permission - Dijohn

According to their website, Union Records was founded late last year by CEO's William White and Jonathan (HollyWoodPee) Presswood. Although they are still fairly new, their roster and promotion has immediately brought them to the forefront of the Central Texas Hiphop scene.

With viral-artists like Torry Bee, Yae2Tymez currently with a hot mixtape in the streets, local legend Tummy Tee, and MANY more strong artists, Union Records looks to break out and be the next big thing from the area to blow up.

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