Like JAY-Z, T.I., Nipsey Hussle and other rappers have recently done, Vic Mensa is coming to the defense of Meek Mill and slamming the rapper's recent two to four-year prison sentence.

Speaking up for his fellow Roc Nation labelmate, Mensa told HipHopDX, "The powers that be want Meek Mill to be a slave of the state. Point black, period." He added, “Let’s not forget that a fat cat in a tall building gets paid off of every inmate. In many ways, they’re still privatized prisons all across this country. There’s prison labor being used to produce everything from Starbucks cups to pencils. And slave laborers, you know what I’m saying? And they want Meek Mill as a ward of the state.”

With the judge behind the ruling being a black woman, Mensa believes there is even more complexity to the issue. “What’s even more convoluted about it is that the judge is a black woman,” he said. “But this is nothing new… That’s a common function of neo-colonialism. The colonized and the oppressed will begin to identify with the oppressors. That’s just classic Stockholm Syndrome type s***, but it is twisted.”

Up next for Meek, the rapper and his legal team have taken steps to getting the Philadelphia artist released from prison. Earlier this week, Meek filed a motion to be released and have his probation terminated. The rapper's team has also requested that Judge Genece Brinkley recuse herself from the case.

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