Is it worth risking your life and the safety of other drivers to jump out of your car and chase a cat around a busy toll road? This woman thought so, and her efforts were caught on video.

Video surfaced this week of a woman who spotted a cat seemingly stranded on the Sam Houston Tollway on August 23 and jumped out of her car to try to rescue it.

In the video, the woman can be seen holding a towel which she's either whipping at the cat to try to herd it or trying to throw over it. Either way, she's blocking traffic and creating a massive headache for other drivers, though some did try to help her.

Police eventually arrived to block traffic and help the woman, whose heart is clearly in the right place. Still, Officials with the Harris County Toll Road Authority say drivers should never endanger themselves or others by leaving their vehicle and chasing animals on a roadway. They recommend calling authorities who will be more than happy to safely retrieve the animal.