The Waco Texas Anti Gang unit is implementing new ways to decrease the drama.

According to KWTX, the unit has added two crime analysis to the team to help decrease crime by analyzing areas with a high rate. They will have access to all data and statistics which will help enhance the work of law enforcement. This new job role extends outside of analytics. This position will be responsible for community outreach and education.

The TAG unit was established in 2020 and with in one year the unit has arrested almost 140 gang members and have been involved in several major drug bust.

The unit consists of Waco Police Department, Texas DPS, McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, ATF and McLennan County District Attorney’s Office.

In the future the unit will provide a website that allow authorities and citizens information about crime trends and what kind of tips are most helpful for law enforcement.

The Waco Tag Unit has big plans and they are going to see that they are accomplished.


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