A bomb threat was called into the McLennan County Courthouse on Monday morning. It turns out it was a defendant in a child sex abuse case trying to buy himself some more time by calling in the threat.

Christopher Wayne Drake Jr. was charged with a third-degree felony terroristic threat. Now he is stuck in the McLennan County Jail with the threat charge and the charge of indecency with a child by contact which occurred in Woodway, Texas.

When Drake called officials with the McLennan County Sheriff's Office just before 9 a.m. on Monday he told them the bomb was "in the 54th precinct" according to a story shared by Rissa Shaw with KWTX News 10. Police said they assumed the caller meant the 54th District Court. Drake said on the phone, "there is a bomb, get everybody out or everybody will die."



Bomb-sniffing dogs swept the courthouse and when no threat was found the all-clear was given and the business of the court was allowed to continue.

Drake appears to have made the alleged bomb threat and then went to his hearing. He then pled guilty on the indecency charged and was then released to await additional sentencing. Within a few hours of the threat, McLennan County police tracked the call to Drake's phone. He was found at a relative's home in Waco around 7 p.m. that night.

By the end of the day on Tuesday, Drake was back in jail to face a $10,000 bond for the bomb threat charge.


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