If you thought you were going to get intoxicated and ride the Waco transit on New Year's Eve, then you have another thing coming!

This year things are looking a little different for Wacos Transit Department and their annual 'Safe Ride Home Service'. According to KWTX., this year, buses will not be running for the Safe Ride Home Service to keep drivers safe.

Waco Transit director of operations Charles Parham said, "if I take a couple of drivers out and 10 of them go down this week by Jan. 11, we'll be in a very bad place."

The transit driver employees have been essential through the pandemic. They provide a service that many people depend on, so we must keep them safe and healthy.

Waco P.D. encourages those who plan to have a drink for NYE to have a safety plan in place.

State Troopers will be enforcing the nationwide Operation C.A.R.E. initiative Dec. 31 and Jan. 1, so please be safe.



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