Over the past year, we have started seeing Walgreens stores closing in Texas with one almost exactly a year ago in Dallas on February 23, 2023. The announcement that many more store closings was made before one in Corpus Christie was shuttered in October 2023.

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Walgreens Now Closing Texas Stores, Is One Of Them Yours?

Walgreens has been facing major shortages of pharmacists while also dealing with walkouts and other obstacles in recent years. The latest number of expected US closures is 150 by the end of August this year, but all of these closures are nothing new as The Dallas Morning News reported the closing of 200 stores in 2019.

As the end of August is now just over 6 months away, it is likely we will start hearing of Walgreens stores falling like dominoes as the company tries to maintain their stock value by cutting costs.

Texas currently has the second most Walgreens stores with nearly 700 in the United States after Florida's little over 800 according to this article with ScapeHero. With plans to cut approximately 10% of their workforce, you are looking at approximately 2% of their current stores closing out of the nearly 8,600 they have in operation.

What happens if your local Texas Walgreens closes suddenly?


If you find your current Walgreens suddenly closed, and that is where you get your prescriptions, especially recurring ones, the first thing you need to do is contact your physician and get your prescriptions sent to a new pharmacy.

Hopefully you get a little notice, but ghosting is so popular now, so you never know?

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