It's never a good idea to walk your dogs out in the open when a thunderstorm is approaching. One Texas man learned this lesson the hard way. shared the video above of the strike which took place last Thursday in Harris County. The man was returning from the dog park with his pets when a very brief lightning strike knocks him to the ground and right out of his shoes. His dogs take off leaving him face down on the concrete in the rain.

Witnesses say they saw the lightning strike come down out of the sky right next to the man and the video above appears to show that it actually gets dark outside before this man receives the medical attention he needs. A helicopter appears late in the video to apparently rush the victim to the hospital.

Witnesses say the man's shoes and socks were burned from the lightning. Over the weekend officials indicated the man was recovering and in good condition. His dogs may still be running down the street somewhere. They are believed to be ok but are not all accounted for yet.

Thank the lord for the bystander who starts giving CPR to the man. It's pretty scary to watch even more people rush to his aid while there is still a lightning show going on.

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