If you google the definition of Meteor it will say that it is 'a small body of matter from outer space that would enter the earth's atmosphere becoming incandescent as a result of friction and appearing as a streak of light'.

I can be a nerd  at times so stuff like this is cool to me!

So reportedly there were calls to the American Meteor Society about hearing loud thunderous sounds and spotting the meteor in 4 states: Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Mike Hankey, operations manager at AMS said what happens is "a rock floating in space hits the atmosphere at a high speed, as it travels, it burn up, Meteors fall on a daily basis but about 1 percent will actually make a sonic boom and meteorites that survive the atmosphere".


That was pretty cool right??

It was an officer from West, Texas' dashcam that as you can see had an even better, more prettier angle!


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