I am heartbroken right now. One of my favorite restaurants has closed.

Wes's Burger Shack and more officially shut down Tuesday. In a video posted to Facebook, owner Wes Teeters explained that it was difficult to find enough employees to keep the business going.

"It's tiresome as far as trying to get the help," Wes said. "So we're going to lock the doors as of today. Sad. I'm going to miss a lot of folks. Met a lot of great people, and I really want to just say thank you for supporting my family and getting us where we're at today."

Wes said he'll still be engaged in the community and will remain a loyal attendee of Temple Wildcat Football. The decision to close the restaurant couldn't have been an easy one, but it sounds as if Wes had a skeleton crew, and I know from experience how difficult it can be to run any business that way.

Wes's Burger Shack always served great food, but I think so many of us returned because it was the sort of place where you always felt welcome and that you were supporting a good man and a fine family.

Wes has a big heart, and has opened his doors to the community and helped in so many ways over the years. I've always admired the way he'd open the restaurant on Thanksgiving day to serve free food to people who didn't have anywhere else to celebrate the holiday. That was such an incredibly generous and downright decent thing to do.

Back when he first opened the current location on 57th, Wes Adams and I stopped by for breakfast and to say hello. Wes Teeters treated us to a free meal. It was mighty kind of him, and I can't remember if I got a chance to thank him for that because the place was so busy.

Wes, if you're reading this, thank you. Thank you not only for that great omelette, but for everything you and your family have done for the Temple community.

I hope to see you hang a shingle again once this lousy situation we're all in blows over. For now, take it easy and enjoy yourself. You've certainly earned it.

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