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A Cow maybe?

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Depending on where you are in the state of Texas, you've probably seen one or all of these animals.

But which is more likely to kill you?

Crazy question right, But I'm sure you are curious....

The answer may be clear as day, or not easy to believe...

I have seen quite a few of these guys running around Killeen

A friend of mine told me a story about him driving down Elms in K-town alone at night, when he saw 5 or 6 and one of them hit his car causing substantial damage.

Another friend told me of how leaving Texas driving out of town he hit one and it wrecked his car as it spiraled into a nearby ditch.

I had an issue in the suburbs of Chicago a few years ago where I mistakenly hit 2 babies of this particular animal.

What am I referring to?

Yes, you guessed it.


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These harmless, yet, harmful animals are responsible for 120 deaths per year, not to mention they are very strong animals and on impact, will f%$k you and your car up!

Be Careful out there!