Well it's beginning to feel like Texas again. Temps are starting to rise, and many are wondering if the Texas power grid can keep up.

Most Texas now know of the request to turn up the air temperature in their homes rather than turn it down. While this is meant to ease the stress on the the grid as a whole, it may not be enough to stop an outage from happening.

While the thought of an outage in the Texas summer heat is rather daunting, there are ways to be prepared in case the power does indeed go out.

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The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has provided some helpful tips for Texans to not lose their proverbial cool during a heat-related outage. We all should take heed, including myself, who is new to this whole idea of power being out "due to heat."

Recommendations include the following:

  • Having a flashlight charged and at the ready. This will help in case power goes out at night
  • Have surge protectors on devices that could potentially break when power comes back.
  • If you have cold food that needs to be kept safe, be sure to have coolers with ice in them so you can keep those items cold and unspoiled.

There are also many ways to prepare in advance of a possible outage:

  • Charge any devices you'll need ahead of time.
  • If possible, sign up for any service with your provider that will alert you to an outage in your area.
  • Make sure to at least have a half tank full of gas in your vehicle, so that way you won't have to fill up in case of an emergency.

Of course, investing in a good, reliable generator is always a good idea if you're able to. They can be lifesavers. It probably wouldn't hurt to have a camp stove and some lanterns around, but always make sure you're using those safely and responsibly, especially during the hot and dry season.

If you've got a loved one who's on a medical device that requires electricity (like an oxygen concentrator), make sure you talk to their doctor or medical supplier about emergency alternatives. Some power companies even feature a program you can sign that family member up for that will prioritize their home as they work to restore electricity. As your provider about that.

Sure it never hurts to be prepared, but is anyone else annoyed that here in the Great State of Texas we have to worry about blackouts because of our energy grid's shortcomings? C'mon, ERCOT.

Hopefully nobody will have to deal with a power emergency, but always be ready just in case!

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