So one day in the studio BossLady and I were having a conversation about local artists in the CTX area, and she mentioned J Justine's name. She saw her perform at a show and made me curious.

So after she and I followed each other on social media, I noticed she was featured in a new song and video just dropped on Valentine's Day.


Plus she plays the piano!

I also noticed she performs a lot and got a chance to open up for K Michelle recently at Tabu in Killeen.

We briefly talked about that and a few other things on Facebook:

TREY: So you performed at Tabu recently tell me about that

J Justine: Opening up for K Michelle you had to pay for a spot. I didn’t. I was at work and the promoters of TABU called me and said they needed one more person to open up and they asked around and everyone said I was the best. I was at work and I was closing that night. It was around 6 pm when I got the phone call and I wouldn’t have gotten off until around 11. My manager rearranged the schedule and let me go so I wouldn’t miss the opportunity.

TREY: I see.. So if I asked people who you sound like, who you remind them of, what will they say? 

J Justine: Yea I don’t compare my sound to anyone. Other people do lol but I just think I sound like me. It’s hard to explain I’ve heard anywhere from Amy Winehouse to Monica tho...

TREY: There has to be someone who inspires you tho, like who do you admire?

J Justine: Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Stevie Wonder is so dope. And Monica. Lol They’re all my favorite


TREY: Ok so let's start from the beginning, who are you? Tell me about yourself?

J Justine:

Just some of her music:


J Justine "I know"


Be on the lookout for J Justine up and coming singer from Cove outchea doing her thang!

Contact her this way:

Instagram: Lovealways.jas
Twitter: JJustine_Music
SnapChat: SnapPrincess7


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