Okay so if you've had siblings around you, it's almost guaranteed that you've had a disagreement with them that has turned physical at some point. Of course, that was when we were toddlers and not full-grown adults.

As we grow older into our teenage and adult years, hopefully, we have learned to resolve familial disputes in a much more civilized way than we would have as small children.

Well, apparently these two siblings have not.

In Borger, on Thursday evening 58-year-old Carol Leann Coryell was arrested by The Borger Police Department and booked in Hutchinson County jail.


Under what charges, you ask?

Charges of assault causing bodily injury to a family member.

According to sources, The Borger Police Department received a call from Carol Coryell's brother, who reported that she had assaulted him with a statue and was now armed with a broom.

The police arrived quickly and the broom-wielding Carol was detained shortly after.

It can be safely assumed that the brother definitely had a relatively peaceful night following the arrest.

I understand that not all family situations are ideal and that friction happens quite often between family members, but when it escalates to the level where you find yourself in a standoff with your sister you definitely need to do what's necessary to distance yourself from parts of your family.

But alas, some situations are inescapable when you are connected to them by blood. So to anybody having to deal with overly tough or outright toxic family situations, get out while you can.

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