If there is one thing that makes Texas different from other states, it's the court rulings.

Pretty sure if a "good" swimmer assaults an unconscious girl in Texas, they won't get no 6 months in county. They'd be doing hard time in an maximum-security prison.

If you have trouble believing that, then just check out what happened in Ector County, Texas on Thursday.

According to NewsWest9, the woman who was accused of stealing a $10 dollar ring from a corpse was sentenced to 8 years in jail. That's correct. Eight years for ring that cost $10 dollars.

Kalynn Homfeld, 41, was caught on video this past April of stealing a ring from a body on display.The Ector County District Attorney's Office said the daughters of the victim were supportive of the sentence.

If you're going to commit a crime, best not do it against dogs, or the dead, because the court system in Texas won't stand for it.