The YBN boys are on the last leg of their European Tour but appear to have run into a bit of trouble on Sunday (Oct. 7), before they were slated perform at Electric Ballroom in London.

In video captured of the melee, a group of people can be seen loitering in the street. Things quickly get tense and a fight breaks out. Nahmir can be seen throwing punches and kicks before he is restrained by members of his crew. After the initial fight, an auxiliary brawl breaks out. The "Bounce Out With That" rapper then yells at his opponents who seem to be fleeing the scene.

It appears Nahmir might have caught a small L during the scuffle. Another video has surfaced that shows a couple of men running down the street and taunting the rapper with what they claim is the Alabama MC's chain.

Nahmir addressed the fight on Twitter, proudly boasting, "Still knockin niggas out n allaat 😂 WIT DA JEWLRY ON BITCH! 💪🏽."

According to a tweet by YBN Cordae, the show they were scheduled to perform at was postponed. It is unclear if the fight was at fault for the show not going down. "London, I’m deeply sorry," Cordae tweeted. "You guys showed up BIG for us tonight, so big the venue got scared and canceled the show. Unfortunately it’s out of my power. All London fans DM me, I’m responding to you all."

The crew has three more dates left before returning to the States.

Check out video of the fight and Nahmir's reaction below.

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