Excuse me while I finish cry laughing at this video!

It would be repetitive of me to sing the praises of Jimmy Fallon, seeing as I've told  you how amazing I think his Late Night performances are 345346 times already. But seriously. Jimmy keeps topping himself with his choice of Late Night musical guests, and his participation with them on stage. Last night was a prime example, as he had Ylvis, the Norwegian comedy duo behind the viral What Does the Fox Say? video, perform live.

Not only did the band step out in full on fox style swag, but Fallon and The Roots made an appearance as well, dancing around in fox costumes, and proving once and for all that Jimmy Fallon rules late night television. If you were already asleep at 12:30 am and missed it, check out the video below!

Who do you think Jimmy should perform with next? Tweet me, @DaniOnB106!

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