While gearing up to say “I do,” don’t be surprised to hear “I can’t.”

A new survey of more than 2,000 people has found that 9% of those asked to be a bridesmaid or groomsman have said no because of the high cost involved.

Considering the average wedding cost $28,427 last year, it’s easy to see the price tag to be in a party can soar higher than the stress level of the father of the bride while he looks over all the bills.

Surprisingly, men spend more than women when in a wedding party. Last year, groomsmen forked over an average of $155, while bridesmaids spent $137. Maybe if Men’s Wearhouse lowered its prices on tuxes, things would be different.

Amazingly, 5% of respondents who attended at least one wedding in the last year say they went into debt (which should really make the bride and groom feel badly when criticizing the lame toaster or his/her towels they receive).

Since watching a couple walk down the aisle can put a dent in the wallet, it’s not all that surprising that 25% admit not attending a wedding because of how much it would cost. Which means there are fewer times the age-old question “Chicken or fish?” is uttered.

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