Have you ever went to UrbanDictionary.com and actually payed attention to some of the crazy definitions they have? They're pretty hilarious.

Well, I was curious to see what would come up if I searched Killeen, Belton and Waco.

Now, I'm going to warn you some of these definitions will have you crying laughing and others will have you ready to fight.....Check them out below.


1. Probably one of the most proud-of-it's-culture town's it's size

2. Has more GREAT hole in the wall restaurants and churches than any other town its size

3. Where Dr.Pepper was born

4. #1 for STD's and teen pregnancy in the state

5. #5 worst place to raise a kid in the country, though it's suburbs are in the top 100.

6. Has an overwhelmingly large Homeless population in downtown

Waco is a strange ghetto place, with amazing food.


1. A crappy little city between Austin and Waco that most people have never heard of, though anyone that has ever driven on I-H35 in Texas has probably stopped there to get gas and take a s@#$%.

2. Where there is nothing but Friday night football games and the weekly livestock show. The high school football team has an idiot for a coach, as he thinks lifting weights 3X a day will make the team win which doesn't work at all, but he has not figured that out yet.

"Oh Baylor! in Waco?"


1. A place where people's car payments usually equal more then their house payment, ghettoness is seen as respectable, all the houses look EXACTLY the same, the mall is scary, there are 20 billion places to eat but every one of them is always packed because there's nothing better to do, and the locals feed off enlisted Army members and their families like parasites.

2. A place where you can purchase a 'stolen' car from a used dealership and yet the dealership does no wrong, God forbid you ever need something from the Copeland center, everyone has a job there, but no one knows whats going on, or how to do anything.

You're moving to killeen?.....EWW!.... Killeen is like a golden toilet, everyone wants to s*&% on it.

Hahaha I warned you that these definitions were a tad bit much.