For those unaware, I am part Italian. Which means one thing - I absolutely adore Italian food! If I didn't, I'm pretty sure I'd have to denounce my heritage. As I continue my quest to find the best foods in Temple, Texas, I've realized how many places there were to chow down here. Not that I didn't have options where I previously lived in Alabama, but there weren't many original options for food.

We All Need A Little Variety

Eventually things got a little bit tiresome in where to eat food. Everything was obviously delicious, but soon every person craves variety in their lives. Don't get me wrong, I could probably eat pasta for the rest of my life everyday, but I'd at least like a different pasta sauce to go with it now and again.

Where Is The Best Pizza in Temple, Texas?

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Now that I'm here in Texas, where everything is bigger and more diverse, we now touch upon a food item that almost everyone enjoys. Also, for the record if you like pineapple on pizza I don't know if we can agree on that...

Regardless of personal preference of the aforementioned topping, I've already heard a few good places from coworkers. Wings Pizza N Things is a reoccurring choice by some here.

Italiano's also came up in conversation. That is a new one that I haven't heard of before and would like to try. There are of course other places mentioned, but if I only leave suggestions open to coworkers, that wouldn't be fair to listeners!

So I turn the question to you: Where's the best pizza in Temple, or even around Temple? Let me know by dropping a note below or tapping the Chat button in our free station app. I'm hungry!

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The Yard Truck Food Plaza In Downtown Temple

Choose from a wide selection of cuisines from different cultures at the Yard Truck Food Plaza in Downtown Temple.

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