Barbecue establishments in Central Texas are many and the competition is fierce. When we wanted to survey which restaurants in our area served the best smoked meats according to our listeners, we had no idea a write-in candidate would make the top five… or that so many votes would come from the same IP address. Come on, we can tell when someone is trying to stack the deck. The days of manipulating web polls are long gone. After our webmaster filtered out multiple responses from the same person, we were left with a clear list of favorites. Out of over 800 unique voters, here's the top five: 1. Johnny's Steaks & Bar-Be-Que (Salado) 14.89% 2. Backyard BBQ (Morgan's Point) 13.75% 3. Petty’s BBQ (Killeen) 12.62% 4. Butler’s BBQ (Killeen) 12.04% 5. Miller’s Smokehouse (Belton) 8.09%

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One thing that struck us was the far-flung geography of these locations. The furthest south restaurant was our number one polling location.  Also, each of these locations has a different vibe to them. Naturally, we urge everyone to eat at as many barbecue restaurants in central Texas as possible. We will make this a regular poll to track how tastes change in Central Texas.