Despite appearing to be deaded a couple days ago, the beef between Yung Bans and Russ is still on and popping.

On Thursday (Sept. 13), Bans sent out a tweet where he seemed to announce his issues with Russ were a thing of the past, after Russ was interviewed on The Breakfast Club and said he had video of his crew putting paws on Smokepurpp or Yung Bans. "Just got off the phone with @russdiemon and it’s all love," the tweet read. "Sometimes you gotta put yourself in the other persons shoes as a real nigga, it’s quiet for the fuck Russ shit he hit me as a real person and lmk his view on the shit and I respect it so it’s dead."

On Friday (Sept. 14), Bans was singing a different tune, saying he was hacked and the beef is still on. "Y'all not gon believe what happened yesterday my manager hacked me changed my passwords and tweeted out saying its not fuck russ anymore cause he felt I should squash the beef smh," he captioned a photo of himself on Instagram. "My true 1of1 fans know i aint scared of no nigga so if it’s smoke @russ better come with it frfr kid.. FUCK RUSS 4L I would never betray my fans we stand on 10 & my niggas gon die bout dis 1OF1 shit ongod!"

He added, "I’ll explain everything tommrow 7pm Atlanta time on my instagram live y’all not gone believe what happened smh."

Russ has ruffled plenty of his contemporaries' feathers over the past year or so by calling out drug use in rap and being critical of mumble rap.

Smokepurpp recently said he wants to shoot the fair one with Russ, after footage surfaced of the Miami rapper getting jumped by Russ' crew.

Check out Yung Bans' explanation below.

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