Imagine winning the lottery for $1 million and not knowing it..

Or even worst winning the lottery.... and losing the ticket

Well, something is going on!

It would hurt my heart knowing someone just threw away $1 million but it seems that a ticket bought down in Beaumont with the million dollar prize has not been claimed and the deadline to claim it, is Thursday.

KHOU-TV in Houston reports that the ticket was bought back in October and if the ticket isn’t claimed by April 25th, the ticket holder would have passed the 180-day deadline and would sadly, and I do stress sadly, forfeit the $1 million dollars! The unclaimed money goes back to the state and the only way the winner could get the deadline extended if he or she is eligible military personnel.

Gary Grief, the executive director of the Texas Lottery encouraged Powerball players to "take another look at their ticket and check the numbers again if the numbers match to sign the back of the ticket and contact them immediately"

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