Everyone loves a good laugh and what better day than April Fools' Day to highlight some of the biggest hoaxes and jokes in hip-hop. With Big Brother, social media and the internet Gods making it easy to get the latest gossip on your favorite rappers and singers, it’s only natural that in the midst of the juicy scoops sometimes there are false rumors that need to be shut down.

Lil Wayne is no stranger to being the subject of a prank. Last month, a SWAT team had to invade his Miami home due to an unknown person's devious ways. Chingy claims his career went down the drain after rumors started regarding his bedroom behavior, which all turned out to be a lie. Then there's even Eminem, who has found himself in the hot seat when asked about his love life and the famous women he's connected to. The Detroit MC gets straight to the point when addressing any lies associated with his name.

There are always going to be false stories and jokes, so it's important to separate the real from the fake when it comes to the rap rumor mill. From Eminem to Lil Wayne to Chingy and more, here are 10 Hip-Hop Moments That Fooled You.

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