I think this might be a fake story but Police allege Mike Jones and a unidentified friend were running a prostitution ring. The Police say they forced victims to work as prostitutes. They also said Jones and his friend have 34 human trafficking charges levied by the San Antonio Police. The investigation and activity started in September to December of 2014.

Mike Jones
Bryan Bedder, Getty Images
“It takes a lot of courage for the victims to come forward,” San Antonio police inspector Jonas Dresden said. “These pimps will groom them, they will build a relationship with them, they’ll try and build a trust with them. In most cases, they’ll try to make the victim believe that they’re in love with them. These victims are sometimes just looking for attention and affection and these pimps know exactly what these girls are looking for and they feed off of that.”

Jones, who is currently being held on $100,000 bond, is facing between 5 to 14 years of imprisonment.
How ironic he has a hot new song with Slim Thug and Young Duece playing on the radio right now.
Here's the Police report:


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