Do you love scary movies? Do you think seeing ghosts is fun? Check out these 13 places right here in Central Texas that are rumored to be haunted!

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    Hastings Books - Randalls Food Store in Killeen

    "Employees here have felt a ghostly presence who has been known to knock merchandise off racks or set up pyramids of canned food in the aisles during the night," according to!

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    University of Mary Hardin – Pressor Hall in Belton

    According to the GhostsAndSouls blog, Pressor Hall is haunted by the ghost of a young lady who was murdered there by her boyfriend.  People have heard strange noises and experienced unexplanable phenomena there. The site claims, "A campus police officer only locks the building from the outside because of the phenomena he witnessed here."

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    The Grove

    The Grove is a ghost town, according to! Writer T. Lindsay Baker included The Grove in a book he wrote on Ghost Towns of Texas, but there are lots of activities there, as it is now a tourist destination.

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    Wal-Mart in Belton

    Several associates have seen a ghostly woman and little boy in the store, says the GhostsAndSouls blog. Have you ever experienced anything strange while shopping there?

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    Armstron Browning Library in Waco

    Word is, writer Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s ghost walks around the library at night and has been seen looking out of a window. says her statue appears to change positions at night!

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    O'Brien's Irish Pub in Temple

    Check out this picture at, it really does look like a man is hanging!  Look closely at the (your) left side ofthe pic!  If it is a hanging, then it surely qualifies as haunted!

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    The Inn At Pearl Street in Austin

    Built in 1896 and owned by Judge Charles A. Wilcox, this inn is said to have a few ghostly guests! According to, "The apparition of a woman carrying a child has been seen walking through the house or sitting in a rocking chair."

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    III Corps Headquarters Bldg in Fort Hood

    Apparently, security working late nights have heard noises, including footsteps and doors opening and closing when no one is in the building, according to the GhostsAndSouls blog! Have you ever felt creeped out anywhere on post?

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    Wedemeyer Academy in Belton

    KXXV, did a story on a man who wanted to turn Wedemeyer Academy, which was an all boys school in the 1800s, into a haunted bed and breakfast! It was around during the time called “Bloody Bell County,” because of the frequent bloodshed.

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    Maxdale Cemetery and Bridge in Killeen

    Whether or not a cemetery is rumored to be haunted or not, I always assume it is lol!  Word is Maxdale Cemetery and Bridge is haunted by an old caretaker who has a limp! says "Local legend has it that if you stop on the bridge, turn off your headlights, count to 10, and then turn your headlights back on, a man hanging from a noose will appear. It is believed that he hanged himself after failing to save the life of his girlfriend, who drowned under the bridge."

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    Courthouse in Coryell County

    Local folks say there is a ghost named Elroy who calls the basement of the courthouse home! The reported, that Deputy County Clerk Tammy McAfee felt Elroy his presence wandering around while working in the building.  McAfee said, “It has been kind of folklore that there is this ghost in the basement. There will be this cold breeze that comes through the office, and just one of us will feel it. It is a very isolated thing that will happen out of the cold blue sky.”

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    Soccer Field in Harker Heights

    This is pretty creepy, what if you went to pick up your kid from soccer practice and saw a cowboy with red eyes that walk across the field then disappears in to the sewage plant! According to the GhostAndSouls blog, he is said to, " looking for the Indian tribe that had killed his family in captive, and when the cowboy disappears into the sewage plant, an Indian runs out of the trees the towards the direction of the sewage plant, before he gets to the sewage plant you hear gunshots and the Indian falls in the tall grass and if you run over there you cant see the Indian but long a dent in the grass like he was dragged where dragged by the cowboy we believe. And you can hear light screams from a distance!"

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    Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in Copperas Cove reported that a website told a story about a Civil War veteran ghost at the Immanuel Lutheran Church’s cemetery.  The cemetery is home to those who passed as early as 1865.

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