This week 15 years ago Katara Deboise Johnson was found shot to death in her Taylor home. Her murder remains unsolved.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has increased the reward for any information leading to an arrest to $6,000. Texas Rangers, Williamson County Sheriff's department and the Taylor PD all remain on Katara's case.

Our news partners KWTX report that Johnson, 21, came home from working late at her job as an assistant manager at Taco Bell and was found dead the following morning. Her red Mitsubishi Lancer was stolen and found at the Thorndale community pool.

If you have any information you can submit tips to the Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-252-TIPS (8477). Or on the DPS cold case website.

One would hope a larger reward wouldn't motivate anyone to provide information more than they already would. But it is good to know the fine folks in law enforcement are working hard to solve this tragic case.

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