If you have ever been to Buc-ee's, you know they pretty much break all the rules when it comes to over the road convenience stores. There is one rule that is not to be broken at each of their 60+ locations under any circumstances, until today in Temple, Texas.

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Buc-ee's has pretty much everything you need to consolidate your road trip into a single stop. You can always count on their bathrooms being the cleanest ever, snacks, tons of made to order and pre-made food, about 100 Icee machines, snacks, deer corn, and let's not forget about the snacks.

Forbidden New Video Of 18 Wheeler At Temple, Texas Buc-ee's

Why doesn't Buc-ee's allow 18 wheelers at their stores?


Simply put, the parking lots and the stacked fuel pumps, often exceeding well over 100 total, do not really accommodate the turning ratio needed for an 18 wheeler to pull up, and get out safely. With the massive number of vehicles already there because Buc-ee's is open 24 hours every day of the year including holidays.

How did this driver manage to pull off an 18 wheeler at the Temple, Texas Buc-ee's?


His timing was perfect. The 18 wheeler driver pulled into Buc-ee's just before 5 AM on Valentine's Day Wednesday morning February 14th, pulled up to the pumps furthest on the outside, and there are almost no cars to be seen.

Almost still couldn't believe it as I saw it happening, so I turned back around and had to film this perhaps once in a lifetime moment. Check out the glory of Buc-ee's and their amazing snacks below.

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