I wrote about a similar situation a few months ago on facebook.

Why is it (some) people in Texas leave their entire car running while they run in the gas station to pay for something.

In some instances, I have seen people leave their kids in their cars!

Roberto Machado Noa
Roberto Machado Noa

Yes, only for a few seconds, but that's all it takes for someone to either steal your car or your kids!

Reportedly, a 2 year old girl and a 16 month old boy were both found dead in a hot car in Lake Weatherford, Texas Friday evening.

Why someone would put their kids in a hot car to die, and just not give them up for adoption is something I question all the time!

Allegedly, the mother, (whom I am sure will be investigated thoroughly) said her children "got away from her", she later found them locked in a hot car of 96 degrees after she had to break a window to find both children unresponsive.

Sounds fishy right?

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