When owners of cars leave the doors unlocked and valuables visible, guess what?

You get your car or valuables stolen!

The Killeen Daily Herald reports that police in Nolanville are cracking down after 37 reports of car burglaries and thefts were reported from December to mid-February.


Car broken window
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The two stolen vehicles had the keys left in them before they were stolen.

C'monnnnn. Think like a crook.

If you are a crook, how are you not going to be tempted to steal that car when they see the keys there? Duh.

Nolanville's a small town, but that doesn't make it immune to crime, especially when it's along one major highway (I-14/US 190) and close to I-35.

Nationwide (whose on your side) Insurance released some common sense car safety tips you should follow like not leaving valuables like money, phones, purses, laptops or laptop bags, even your keys visible!

Oh yeah, you better bet leaving your car unlocked is a sure way you'll get your car stolen or something taken from it.

Follow all these tips and you and your car should be fine!

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