Saturday, while driving on Interstate 40 in Oklahoma, Alexis Harrison, and a church group spotted a 4-week old baby left in a carrier on the side of an Oklahoma highway.

When the group pulled over they found an infant in a car seat with $5,500, the baby's birth certificate, and a social security card. After examination from Department of Human Services, the baby seemed to be healthy and uninjured.

Later that day authorities were able to locate the mother through relatives, and she was being evaluated. There has not been a decision on whether she will be charged.

The baby seemed to be healthy and uninjured.

My assumption is if you leave almost $6,000 cash, along with a birth certificate and Social Security had plans on saying goodbye forever.   

Here's the 911 call when the baby was discovered:


Now people all over the country are inquiring about adopting the baby:

Hopefully, this cute baby can find a home real soon...

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